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Safaga, El Gouna, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheeh

Marsa Alam

Beautiful Red Sea resort located in the southern Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh

Fameous town on the Sinai Peninsula, on the shores of the Red Sea


Bedouin city in Egypt, in the northern part of the Gulf of Aqaba


The city, which was founded with the dream of one man. It all started when Samih Sawiris was for himself and his family land to build a house on the Red Sea. In all stupid During his friends had decided to live there. And so, El Gouna began to grow. Now, El Gouna is a beautiful private resort, situated 25 km to the north. from Hurghada. The interconnected islands and turquoise lagoons. Golf courses, the best offices spa and hotels, as well as by insiders great place for a wedding. It is worth noting that the city extends for 10 km of coastline and was built by the idea of ​​Venetian. The entire resort is so channels intersect with sea water. In this city their villas are wealthy Egyptians, especially Egyptian actors such as Omar Sherif.

The itinerary

Approx. hours. 8:00 minibus takes you from the hotel and whisks the marina. Some hours. 9:00 Lodz comes from Hurghada to a private village Sawiris family. Along the way, you have the opportunity to catch fish on the line (one hour), then swim to El Gouna, and there change to a small motor boat and sail to the center of lagoons of El Gouna. On the shore exploring the coastline aquarium. Back to the boat and sail out to sea. The meal on the boat with drinks (one small and one water cola). Snorkeling – one hour. Snorkelling equipment (mask, fins tube), getting married on a boat. Back to the hotel at around. 16.30.

Every day. Price: 20 $ / person

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How to book?

After arrival to Egypt call (002) 0114 958 2445. To make the reservation we need to know your hotel and the room number. Choose the day which you want to go for the trip. We'll inform you about your pick up time. Then you just wait in front of your hotel for the transfer and pay on the excursion. The reservation you can make day before till 8 PM (all excursions are organized daily). If any questions:

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