What to take to Egypt?

The first thing you should think about when packing your suitcase for a holiday in Egypt are the temperatures. Try to choose clothes to protect you from the sun. You should make suite that you have many 100% items as synthetic materials make you sweat. Cover your head with a cap or wide-brimmed hat, and your eyes with sunglasses. In order not to burn your feet from the hot sand, get your shoes with a thicker soles. You must make sure that you pack enough sunscreen - the bigger the better. Font forget your swimsuit so that you will not miss any opportunities to go to the beach. Evenings in the desert can be cooler, so do not forget about warmer clothes. It is always good to always have a small first aid kit containing painkillers and plasters with you for any cuts or blisters from walking around the sights.

Is it safe in Egypt?

Tours in Egypt with FM Tours & Travel are 100% safe. We only visit places where we can be guaranteed to provide each guest a peaceful, risk-free stay. When travelling, try to always travel with someone who knows the terrain and culture of the people living in the area. Do not carry your passport with you. In most cases, you only need a photocopy.

What to buy in Egypt?

When in Egypt, it's worth sampling the Egyptian coffee (ahwa mazbuta). It is brewed differently than in Europe, in a pan, usually with a little cardamom added. The Egyptians also have a wide selection of sweet delicacies like halvah, basbousa, kunafa, or dates with cakes and jams. You should also visit the market to look for exotic spices like saffron. The price of saffron in Egypt are much lower than in other countries. If you prefer items that can last longer, purchase a shawl. On cool, autumn days it will warm you up and remind you of your trip to Egypt.

Egypt - what to see?

A must for every trip to Egypt is a visit to the capital of the country, Cairo. You can travel to the foot of the pyramids in Giza and then south to the ruins of the temples in Luxor. Modern Egypt also has many attractions in its beach resorts along the Red Sea. You can spend time diving amongst the coral reefs, or by going on a quad safari, but also by relaxing on cruises and on the white sandy beach.

What gifts to bring from Egypt?

Tourists mostly return from the land of the Pharaohs with a papyrus. Among the handicrafts on offer there are also figurines (eg. pyramids,  Great Sphinx, Nefertiti or the gods), gold and silver jewellery, scarves, lamps made of brass or metal, as well as decorative bottles filled with sand in fancy colours. Also, souvenirs from your holidays in Egypt can be, real African coffee, spices, sweets and dried fruits and these are very often bought as gifts. An equally good idea is also Arabic perfume made from perfumed oil or water pipe tobacco.

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The trip to Luxor was great. Our guide, Mr. Mohamed was fantastic, he was very kind and competent and he gave us interesting information. Good contact with the office, Mrs. Engy gave us all information, collection times and cared for us. We were very happy. We recommend the office and guide.
We are very happy! We had a wonderful guide, great itinerary, unforgettable moments on the journey and on the trip. Amazing banana island, nowhere in Europe will you find such tasty fruit. WE WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY!
Bernie Morales
Fantastic company!!! We went to Egypt as we weren’t sure where else to go for a good price at this time of year, and we are returning wanting more! We want to learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilisation (books already bought) and have decided to return on our next holidays for lots more sightseeing. All thanks to the excursions with FM and the interesting stories from Mohamed, who seems to know everything, and who is so in love with his country, he talks about it with real passion, often refuting the existing myths about Egyptians and Muslims. Value for money - excellent !! An appeal to tourists - leave even a dollar for the driver and guide. Salaries are small in Egypt & for you it's only a little but it makes a big difference. They spend time with you on a trip sometimes around the clock. Ps. My husband is just watching films about ancient Egypt on youtube.  Thank you !!!
Debra Gray
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