Diving intro

1 day
2 places
age 10+
availability 40
100% safety


We invite you to have an introduction to diving, for people who have never scuba dived before.

You will be under the water with a diving instructor who will do everything for you. He submerges you and emerges as well as directing the entire dive. Your only task is to breathe the air and gently move your fins. To dive you do not have to be able to be a strong swimmer! However, it is important that you are fit and healthy. People with asthma who have blocked sinuses, complaining of ear problems, and pregnant women should not dive. You should also not dive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. The intro dive is safe and suitable for everyone, even children who can dive from the age of 10 (there is no discount for children on the dive).

Diving from a boat - the trip starts at 8.30 am with a transfer from your hotel to the port. During the cruise, diving instruction is conducted to the first dive site (in English). On the program, you will receive two descents under water, each about 15-20min (in scuba) with an instructor. In the interval between dives, lunch and drinks are served. Return to the hotel around 5pm Price: $80 person diving, $45 non-diver. Photos from the dive are available at an extra charge, paid directly to the tour operator.

Diving from the beach - The trip starts in the afternoon at around 2pm by transferring to one of the nearby beaches (most often to the beaches of Abu Dabbab). The dive will be taught in English. The introductory dive will last for approx 30 minutes. Soft drinks are included in the price of the trip. You will return to your hotel at around 5pm. Price: 55$ diving person, 35$ accompanying non-diver.

Why this trip?

  • It will give you a taste of diving.
  • You will see beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish from a completely different perspective.
  • Amazing experience and beautiful underwater landscapes.
  • Warm waters and clear visibility in the Red Sea.

Pre-trip info

How to book

If you would like to join us in one of our amazing trips. please send us a message on WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger, or a traditional SMS on +20 1149 582 445 with your hotel's name, your room number and the time when we can contact you in your room. We will then call you to talk and place your booking. If you can not send an SMS or if we do not reply to your message within 10 minutes, it may be that the message did not reach us. Please place a call to us from the hotel reception on 01149 582 445 (for a small fee).

80 USD
per person
80 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
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