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Debra Gray
From: Hurghada
Tour: Paradise Island, Cairo, Luxor

Fantastic company!!! We went to Egypt as we weren’t sure where else to go for a good price at this time of year, and we are returning wanting more! We want to learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilisation (books already bought) and have decided to return on our next holidays for lots more sightseeing. All thanks to the excursions with FM and the interesting stories from Mohamed, who seems to know everything, and who is so in love with his country, he talks about it with real passion, often refuting the existing myths about Egyptians and Muslims. Value for money - excellent !!
An appeal to tourists - leave even a dollar for the driver and guide. Salaries are small in Egypt & for you it's only a little but it makes a big difference. They spend time with you on a trip sometimes around the clock.
Ps. My husband is just watching films about ancient Egypt on youtube. 
Thank you !!!

Date of addition: 15.02.2019 18:11
Helen Weber
From: Hurghada
Tour: Luxor, Island of Paradise, quad safari, Hurghada

I heartily recommend their services. We were on several trips organised by the office, no problems and everything was very safe. A trip to Luxor is amazing with a great English-speaking guide. The City Tour through Hurghada is also a good idea, the guide is also great. A trip to the island of Paradise was good with great views and beautiful fish. The best, however, was the QUAD SAFARI with a beautiful sunset, a ride on the camels in a Bedouin village, and the ride on quads, wow! I recommend it to everyone, it does not make sense to pay for the more expensive tour leaders. I think that we will visit Egypt again and again we will go on many other trips organised by the FM TOURS & TRAVEL office.

Date of addition: 06.02.2019 18:42
From: Hurghada
Tour: Paradise Island, Luxor, parasailing, quad safari

Punctual, interesting, professional English speaking guides, very safe and a great day out - after 4 trips I definitely recommend!

Date of addition: 06.02.2019 18:31