The most important information about organizational matters during our trips


After arrival to Egypt call  + 20 114 958 24 45. To make the reservation we need to know your hotel and the room number. Choose the day which you want to go for the trip. We'll inform you about your pick up time. Then you just wait in front of your hotel for the transfer and pay on the excursion.

The reservation you can make day before till 6 PM (all excursions are organized daily).

If any questions: 


phone: + 20 114 958 2445  WhatsApp/Viber


Provisions and drinks

Lunch on the trips is served in the form of buffet-style and is included in the price of our one day trips. During the desert safari trips your meal will be served in the open air (barbecue). During the sea cruises, lunch is also served in the form of a buffet. There are lots of options to choose from Arabic cuisine- kofta (minced lamb), chicken, beef, fish (if caught on the boat during the cruises), potatoes, rice and salads. Please remember that any drinks during our one day trips, for example to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Aswan & Abu Simbel, Edfu & Kom Ombo, Dendera & Abydos or Jerusalem will cost extra. When going on a one day trip, you should be able to order a packed lunch from the hotel (breakfast box). In order to receive a breakfast box from your hotel, you should speak to the reception team a day prior to your trip. The order should be made and collected at the hotel reception. If you return from your trip late at night, you can request a late dinner. This can be taken in the restaurant at your hotel or as room service. Please inform reception as early as possible if you require this.


Baksheesh is a very popular form of tipping in Egypt given for rendered service. This is not alms! Baksheesh has its roots in tradition. Therefore it is highly recommended to be given not only by tourists but also by people who go to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels or on ships etc. Even the smallest service deserves tipping called baksheesh. It is advisable to give smaller sums but more frequent. If you think that service isn’t satisfactory, you don’t have to give a tip; however if you feel satisfied about the service you can give a bigger tip and this way you can show your appreciation.
In hotel, restaurants or coffee shops (regardless the category) you should leave tips equivalent to 10-15% of the service price. In addition to that you should give a baksheesh for each, even the minor service, not only to staff in hotel, coach drivers, jeeps, boat service, horse carriage carters and camel caretakers but workers in mosques, Coptic churches, ancient temples and tombs as well. They always try their best to deserve a tip by showing you, for instance, the place from which you can take a picture of an interesting object. Usually the tip of 1-2 dollars is sufficient.
Small gifts like pens, colorful markers or sweets (chocolate) are very appreciated by Egyptians, thus it is always a great idea to shop for them before coming to Egypt. 

Please do not give any money to children or women begging in the street!

Unfortunately the concept of baksheesh is often manipulated and wrongly used by street beggars who hope for extra cash from tourists. These beggars usually have no understanding of how to make a living, so they treat begging as a way of earning money.

Entry and departure

Visitors will need a single-visitor visa to enter Egypt. Required for most nationalities. Single-entry, 30-day tourist visas cost US$25 and can be purchased at the airport on arrival.

Sinai Only Visa 
In cities located in the Sinai Peninsula such as: Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab you can have Egyptian Sinai Only visa free of charge. Having this visa issued you can go on trips to Jerusalem, Petra, the Mount of Moses, Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Ras Mohammed ( cruise) , Tiran island cruise, snorkeling so called “ intro”, Abu Galum safari, quad safari, aqua park, dolphinarium, Seascope boat.This free of charge visa is valid for 15 days, and is issued   upon arrival at the passport control points at the airport. A full paid Egyptian visa is issued upon arrival at the airport as well. It is necessary to obtain full visa is you want to go on the following tours: Cairo, Ras Mohammed (by bus), super safari and the Colored Canyon. The visa is valid for 30 days. In case of going to Jerusalem, the visa is extended for free and it does not expire.
However this full visa expires in case of going to Petra- upon return a new free of charge Sinai Only visa is issued. Therefore if you wish to visit Petra and participate in trips where full visa is required, it is advisable to visit Petra as your at the end   in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

All visitors will need to have a passport which must have at least six months remaining of its validity on the date of entry. Egypt, like all other countries, apply strict customs rules about bringing items such us alcohol and cigarettes into the country, so to avoid any misunderstandings it is probably advisable to buy at airport shop. Under no circumstances should you attempt to leave the country with antiquities. This is strictly forbidden.

Money, ATMs and credit cards

The curency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound, which is divided into 100 piasters. Cash is generally easily obtained from ATMs, which can be found in larger towns and cities. Most of the major hotels and stores accept credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, along with traveller's cheques and certain foreign currencies like euro, sterling and dollars. If venturing off the beaten track you will find that generally  only the Egyptian pound in cash will be accepted. 

Here you can check the exchange rates in Egypt according to the National Bank of Egypt.



Children under 4 years old participate in most trips for free  except for: the trip by plane to Jerusalem, Sindbad submarine, dolphinarium.
Children aged 4 to 12 get 50% off on the trips, except for : trips by plane, dolphinarium, swimming with dolphins aqua park and “intro” snorkeling
Marsa Alam 
Children under 6 years  participate for free in all sea trips except for Seascape boat 
Children under 4 years participate in all field trips for FREE  except for the Nile cruise 
Children under  12 years get 50% on most trips 
Sharm el Sheikh and  Taba
Children under 2 years  participate for FREE in most of trips except for plane trips and going outside Egypt
Children under 12 years get 50% off on most trips except for  plane trips, prom trips, trips outside Egypt and  swimming with dolphins, aqua park, “intro” snorkeling” 
In order to get discounts you must always provide with document that confirms child’s age. 


You will be collected from your hotel and returned back, when joining our tour. The pick-up point will be either the reception or the entrance gate to the hotel. We will provide you with an air-conditioned, comfortable vehicle for your journey. The type of transportation will depend on the number of guests and it may be a coach, coaster or a microbus.

Hurghada is a large city and there are resorts which are a considerable distance away from the centre. Due to this, the initial transfer to the pick- up point will be charged separately as follows: El Gouna, Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh - 10$ per person (based on two people). Soma Bay, Safaga - 15$ per person (based on two people). This price will cover the return transport on most of our tours. The more people the lower cost of transfer. Guests staying in Hurghada centre will have the cost of the transfer included.