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Diving intro

1 day
2 places
age 10+
availability 30
100% safety


Is it possible to get a feel for diving without spending lots of time in the classroom? We invite you to take part in an ‘intro’ dive, for people new to scuba diving! You will dive underwater with an instructor who will direct the dive for you. You just need to concentrate on breathing the air and a gentle movement of the fins. To take part in this, you do not even have to be able to swim! You should however be healthy and have a good respiratory system. People with asthma, blocked sinusitis, ear problems and pregnant women should not dive. You should also never dive following alcohol or drugs. The intro dive is safe and suitable for everyone, children can dive from the age of 10.

day includes two dives with an instructor, 15-20 minutes each. During the trip, instruction will take place in English. You will be told how to breathe and move underwater and how to communicate with your hands to the instructor. Between dives, there is a buffet lunch and a cold drink. When you are not diving, you are able to snorkel. The trip will run from approx 8:00am to 4:30pm. Diving takes place at a depth of 5-6m or shallower. Pictures from diving are available at an extra charge - 20$ for 1 person and 30$ for 2 people.

Why this trip?

  • You will see beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish from a completely different perspective.
  • It will give you a taste of diving.
  • Amazing experience and beautiful underwater landscapes.
  • Warm waters and clear visibility in the Red Sea.
38 USD
per person
38 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
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