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A trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

1 day
3 places
age 10+
availability 40
100% safety


A trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem is a must. Jerusalem is a unique city, often called the Holy City, full of mysterious shadows and reflections of the sun over it, full of history, where every stone seems to whisper stories about the past as you pass through... Your trip will start with a morning visit to the Mount of Olives to see the panorama of the city and the most important the buildings of Jerusalem, including the temple hill. We will go through the Way of the Cross leading through the Muslim and Christian districts of the city, we will reach the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha and then to the Wailing Wall. In Jerusalem, as well as the history of Christianity and Judaism, there are also important places for Muslims - like the Al Aqsa mosque. We will then go to Bethlehem, there will be time for lunch and shopping for souvenirs from the Holy Land. In Bethlehem, we visit the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ, in the basement of which is the Grotto of the Nativity. Another attraction of the trip is a stop for a bathe at the Dead Sea, it is the only so saline reservoir where you float enough to lie on the water and read the newspaper. Whilst at the Dead Sea, do not forget to get the perfect cosmetics containing the marine minerals.

Departing from the hotel at about 2am, transfer by coach to the border crossing Taba - Eilat, transfer to the Dead Sea for a breakfast stop, then transfer to Jerusalem. Visit the Mount of Olives, Way of the Cross then visit the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha, entrance to the Holy Sepulcher, Wailing Wall, transfer to Bethlehem, where we will have lunch, visit to the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ, the Dead Sea, time for swimming in the sea and shopping. The Dead Sea is a true miracle of nature and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Middle East. The sea water is so salty that you can easily float on the surface, and the mud from the edge of the sea has healing properties and is used in many beauty products.

We will the transfer to the border crossing & return to Sharm el Sheikh late in the evening after ‪11pm‬.


Why this trip?

  • A religious and spiritual journey to the Holy Land.
  • Monuments and tourist attractions from many eras and cultures.
  • Raw eastern landscapes.
  • Bathing in the famous Dead Sea. Floating on the surface of the water is fun, and the skin and hair after leaving it are really soft to touch.

What is included

Transportation with air conditioned bus, an English speaking guide, all transfers in Israel as in the program, entrance fees as in the program, visa to Israel, departure tax from Israel, lunch, Taba boarder tax.


Drinks in the restaurant.

Pre-trip info


If you would like to join us in one of our amazing trips. please send us a message on WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger, or a traditional SMS on +20 1149 582 445 with your hotel's name, your room number and the time when we can contact you in your room. We will then call you to talk and place your booking. If you can not send an SMS or if we do not reply to your message within 10 minutes, it may be that the message did not reach us. Please place a call to us from the hotel reception on 01149 582 445 (for a small fee). 




To participate in the trip, a free SINAI ONLY visa is issued at the airport upon arrival. In addition, paid drinks and toilets. Participants are asked to bring along their passports, bathing suits and towels. Shoulders and knees should be covered in churches. Transportation from the hotel included in the price of the trip. Meals: the price includes dinner (you can order packed lunches at the hotel reception and you can buy fast food and sandwiches at stops).

150 USD
per person
150 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
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