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Ras Mohamed - a boat cruise

1 day
3 places
age 10+
availability 30
100% safety


A visit to this place is a must do for anyone who comes to the Sinai Peninsula. It does not matter whether you are a diver, an enthusiastic snorkeller or simply a nature lover, there are few places in the world where you can observe such a rich underwater life as this! The national park is a small, at just over three kilometres long peninsula, surrounded by beautiful lagoons and stunning coral reefs.

Ras Mohamed National Park is where you can see the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Coral reef, built of more than 150 species of coral, whose age ranges from 75 thousand up to 20 million years. The park is inhabited by over a thousand species of fish, from small and colourful to huge tuna. In addition, there are around 40 species of starfish, 100 species of sea urchins, 25 species of mollusks and about 150 species of crustaceans. You can also find sea turtles and dolphins.

We offer a boat cruise with the possibility of going down to the water to see the beauty for yourself. Three stops in the sea, including two outside the park, where there is the possibility of snorkelling. During the trip a buffet lunch with drinks is served. Departure from the hotel approx. ‪8am‬ depending on the location of the hotel, the return is planned for approx. ‪5pm‬.

Why this trip?

  • The best place for snorkelling in the Egyptian part of the Red Sea.
  • Stunning fauna and flora! Underwater coral gardens are home to many different coral formations, unique fish and dolphins.
  • Beautiful views of the sea, the Gulf of Aqaba.

What is included

Transportation from the hotel, an English-speaking guide, lunch & a drink.


Rental of snorkelling equipment is not included in the price.

Pre-trip info


If you would like to join us in one of our amazing trips. please send us a message on WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger, or a traditional SMS on +20 1149 582 445 with your hotel's name, your room number and the time when we can contact you in your room. We will then call you to talk and place your booking. If you can not send an SMS or if we do not reply to your message within 10 minutes, it may be that the message did not reach us. Please place a call to us from the hotel reception on 01149 582 445 (for a small fee). 

Please book at least 2 days before the trip.  We need your details to the Jordanian visa: name and surname, date of birth, passport number and date of issuing the passport.



Take passport, beach towels, snorkelling masks and fins. Snorkelling equipment is also available for a guide.



To participate in the trip, a free SINAI ONLY visa is issued at the airport upon arrival.

35 USD
per person
20 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
The days of the trip
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