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This is the only place in Hurghada where dolphins will put on a show for you. In the 45-minute show, besides the dolphins, seals and sea lions take part. They all perform a lot of different tricks. The Dolphins will jump through hoops, paint pictures & even sing! The seals play with balls and the sea lion gives an exercise lesson. You will take away amazing memories of the great performance.

Please note that every performance depends on the mood of the mammals, some days they are not as playful as others.

For an additional fee, after the show, you can swim with the dolphins and have a photograph taken with them. Just being close to and touching a dolphin is a huge experience for many people. Swimming with dolphins in their pool you will be able to understand their strength and friendly attitude towards people and they will surprise you with fun tricks in the water. Price (adults and children): swimming with dolphins 5min. - 55 $, 10min - 70 $.

It is possible to book only swimming with dolphins without watching the show. Please not that when swimming with the dolphins, you MUST NOT film or take photos. The film recorded by the dolphinarium costs $ 30, while one photo is $ 10.


Why this trip?

  •  A great trip for parents and children!
  • The show in the dolphinarium is conducted very dynamically with music.
  • The mammals dance, jump over hoops, play with balls, paint and even sing!
  • After the show, you can take a picture with a dolphin or even swim with them in the pool for an additional fee.

Pre-trip info

There is no additional fee for transfer from Hurghada or Makadi Bay. Guests from El Gouna pay $ 10 for a roundtrip transfer. Children under 3 years free. Children from 3 to 12 years old have a discount.

28 USD
per person
15 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
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