Do not make a blunder in Egypt

At a hotel in the Red Sea Riviera

Most often, we visit hotel complexes that offer everything: from sleeping and eating through to extra trips, massages, and night clubs. They will also take advantage of this. As tourists, we have quite a lot of freedom in hotels - wearing bikinis on the beach and around the pool. However, topless sunbathing is frowned upon. Also, public displays of affection are not encouraged.

It is not appropriate to go for meals (also in restaurants and bars right next to the beach) in a swimsuit. You should dress modestly - even in a kaftan, dress or shorts & top, cover your legs to your knees and your chest. There are hotels in which yeh dress code is more relaxed, however, it is polite to wear appropriate clothing and you would not like to be turned away from the restaurant and asked to change.

As a rule, Egyptian hotels have numerous restaurants and bars, which are available almost 24 hours a day. Therefore, anyone who feels hungry and is on an all-inclusive holiday can eat and drink at will. However, you should not take food outside of the restaurant and bar area. This is good manners and also good hygiene as food will attract insects and the high temperature will rot the food quickly.

Practical tips


Outside the hotel 

If you decide to go outside the hotel, it is better to dress more modestly, not showing knees or shoulders. In Islamic culture, a scantily dressed woman is not considered a good thing - hence the often unwelcome comments from men. The Egyptian people do not understand that tourists dress this way, not in a sexual way, but from the heat and that skimpy blouses or shorts are not an invitation to sex.

If you do not have any Egyptian friends (e.g. a taxi driver) it is recommended not to go to the local district or the markets and take pictures. Also, conversation about religion and politics is best avoided. If you are wanting to visit a mosque it is better if you have someone with you.