What are Giftun, Paradise and Orange Bay & how do they differ?

Are you wondering what, apart from the price, are the differences between the trips to the island of Giftun, Orange Bay and Paradise? Worry no more, we are here to help!

Four beaches - one island.
Cruises to the islands are one of the most popular trips, especially during the summer months. Increasingly, however, the question is asked how all these islands differ. Ok, let's start with the fact that Giftun, Orange Bay and Paradise are all on one island. Surprised?

Close to Hurghada we have several islands, including - Giftun Island. It is on this island that there are various beautiful beaches, such as Paradise, Orange, Mahmya or Giftun.

The main difference is the degree of development of these beaches and the facilities available. A trip to Giftun will take you to the undeveloped part of the island located between Paradise and Mahmya. There are no umbrellas, no mats, no toilets or restaurants. However, there is beautiful sandy beach and clear turquoise water. Can you ask for more?

As it turns out, you can. Sometimes wonderful views are not enough and tourists would like to sit in the shade for a while. In this case, it is better to choose the Paradise beach or Orange bay, as both have umbrellas and sleeping mats / beanbags.

Which island in Hurghada should you choose?
Unfortunately, there is not only one answer to this question. The choice depends on many factors. If you can swim, and want a low-budget trip, we recommend a trip to the island of Giftun - it is inexpensive, has two snorkelling stops when on the boat, and a banana and sofa ride included.

Practical tips

If you can swim, but you also want to feel a bit of luxury, you should choose Orange Bay. In contrast to Giftun, on Orange there are umbrellas and comfortable beanbags on the beach. There are also many photo opportunities on Orange bay with swings in the clear water, hammocks and shallows to sit in while taking photos for lasting memories of your trip. You often get served shrimp for lunch, and at the same time there are two snorkelling stops when on the boat.

Attention! there are often high tides at Orange Bay. The time spent on the island (about 1 hour) is usually an opportunity to relax in the shade of a parasol and take lots of stunning photos with the white sand and crystal clear sea.

If you do not feel confident swimming in deep water and snorkelling from the boat, the best choice would be a trip to Paradise. There is only one snorkelling stop on the trip and around 3 hours is spent on the island. Paradise beach is developed. There are both umbrellas, mats, a restaurant, as well as toilets and a paid bar. In addition, on this part of the island is also a playground, and in the summer also a waterslide. Guests can also see a mini show of Egyptian folklore in the form of belly dancing and tanoura dance.