Hurghada airport

On arrival at the airport in Hurghada, you will see that Egypt is a "bureaucratic" state. Before leaving the arrivals hall with luggage, you must first: buy a visa. The cure cost of a visa for one person is $ 25. It's good to have the correct money with you for this. Next complete the entry application. The visa will then be checked at passport control, following this your passport will be checked again on the way to the baggage hall. 

You have to remember that Egyptians are never in a rush and will go even slower if shouted at, so we recommend that you just relax and you will not get too stressed. Baggage at Hurghada airport can be quite slow. However, they try to take care of your suitcases, as they know that they would be held responsible for their destruction. The time spent in the airport on from the moment you buy a visa until you leave the arrivals hall, will be at least 50 minutes.

Customs and passport control at the airport

Passengers arriving at Hurghada airport will pass through passport control and customs control. Permission to enter Egypt can be obtained immediately upon arrival. Check in for your departure flight starts 3 hours before you are due to depart. If you arrive earlier than this, you will not be able to enter the terminal building.

Inside the airport, once you have  gone through passport control, there are several cafes, bars and a restaurant. You can also use coffee machines and vending machines with small snacks. The airport has currency exchange offices and a bank. ATMs are also available. There is a post office at the airport, where you can use the Internet.

Duty Free, luggage storage at the airport

In the area of ​​Hurghada International Airport there is the opportunity to do some duty free shopping, and there are also stores for souvenirs, jewellery and perfumes. Duty free shops are open 24 hours a day. There is a Burger King and restaurant but these are closed at night. The airport offers passengers luggage storage onsite.

Children's area & facilities for the disabled

Hurghada International Airport is equipped with wheelchair platforms. There is a possibility of using a special service for people with disabilities (however, this requires prior notice). There are also special rooms for mothers with a child. The international terminal is equipped with a playground for children. There are no special rooms for business meetings at the airport.

The airport offers VIP lounges (however, this requires prior notice). The spacious VIP lounges offer free snacks and international newspapers. There is no hotel at the airport in Hurghada. However, 5 minutes from the airport you will find hotels for travellers.

Car rental, parking at the airport

In the area of ​​the airport, you can rent a car (Hertz company). On-line booking is possible. Local companies that offer car rental also have their points at the airport. The airport in Hurghada has a guarded parking area - both for short term parking (up to 24 hours) and long term (from 24 hours to several days). There is an ordinary parking area for cars and coaches in front of the terminal. In front of the airport there is also a taxi rank and tourist taxis.