Internet in Egypt (Hurghada)

When planning a trip to Egypt, you definitely want to stay in touch with your family and friends. Therefore, It is important to understand how to get internet and how much it will cost in Egypt before you go.

Many hotels offer free wi-fi in certain areas or hours. However, this is usually poor quality. In addition to time constraints and selected locations where you can connect to the internet in a hotel, the speed of the connection is usually slow.

If you want to stay online throughout your stay, it's worth buying a SIM card with the internet. One of the most popular service providers in Egypt is Vodafone. You will find Vodafone shops in Hurghada, at the airport, in the city centre (just in front of the Seagull Hotel), and inside the Senzo Mall shopping center (near Alf Leila wa Leila or Jungle Aqua Park hotels).

At the airport, prices can be a bit higher. In all other Vodafone shops the prices should be the same and given in Egyptian pounds.

To buy internet in Egypt you should take your passport to one of the Vodafone, Orange or Etisalat shops and buy a SIM card, then recharge it and activate one of the internet packages.

It is very important to ask the person who sells you the card and the internet to show you how many GB have been purchased. This can be checked on your Vodafone account and in the "Ana Vodafone" application. Some tourists are alarmed to see that they had paid for more GB than they received.