The Best, The Most Beautiful and Cheapest Trips in Egypt

One day trip to Cairo by coach

Cairo — the capital of Egypt and the biggest metropolis in Africa and the Middle East. The city with the population about 20 million inhabitants, it is located on the both banks of the Nile river stretching in all directions and reaching the feet of pyramids. Until this day, Cairo remains the heart of politics,Read more ›

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Luxor in one day by coach

You will experience breathtaking monuments, the power of ancient legends, luxury and the hot sands. In a nutshell, this is how you can describe the visit in Luxor, which in spite of not being the capital of Egypt it is obviously its historical heart. Attractive tour programme! The departure from Hurghada is about 4.30 am.Read more ›

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City Tour

View the most interesting places in the old and the new Hurghada, feel the atmosphere of the Arab market, aromatic drink karkade and burn in oriental shisha cafe, do your shopping without pushy salespeople. This is all possible in one trip. Welcome to the CITY TOUR – a unique tour of Hurghada with a PolishRead more ›

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Jerusalem and Bethlehem

ONE DAY PILGRIMAGE OF AIRPLANE (Wednesday / Thursday and Sunday / Monday) Pick up from reception around 7 pm. Transfer to Hurghada International Airport and check-in. Approx. 09:30 pm departure to Taba (return approx 55min.). Transfer by coach from the airport to the Egyptian-Israeli border at Taba. Tthe border crossing. Drive to Jerusalem (around 3Read more ›

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ST. Anthony’s and ST. PAUL’S MONASTER...

Enjoy an amazing tour to Zafarana in the region of the Red Sea, you will visit the oldest Christian monasteries in Egypt and the whole world, St. Anthony and St. Paul monasteries. St. Anthony was an orphan who lived 105 years, followed by a visit to its neighbor monastery of St. Paul, the first hermit.Read more ›

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Abu Simbel and Aswan from Hurghada

The two-day excursion to Abu Simbel and Aswanu with a English guide. Departure from Hurghada in the early hours of the morning. Upon arrival to Aswanu lunch (drinks extra charge), and then travel to picturesque island Agilkia, where there is a complex temple dedicated to the goddess Isis (moved there from earlier flooded the islandRead more ›

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Cruise on the Nile

A cruise on the Nile is a popular way to explore Upper Egypt. As the old Egyptian proverb “Egypt the gift of the Nile”. Egyptians for centuries owe their existence that river and its surroundings gathered wonderful sights. Nile cruise is a great way to trace the history of Egypt. Cruise ships stop at theRead more ›

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Seascope – Submarine

Marsa Alam - Seascope

Hour trip “półpodwodną boat” that floats on the surface, and her body is immersed in water for about 4 meters underwater expedition involves viewing the panoramic glass walls of the underwater world of “dry”. Hike on a daily basis. 1.5 hour cruise along the Red Sea, specially adapted boat, during which you can enjoy theRead more ›


Sharm el Sheikh - Delfinarium

The performances of dolphins is a fun time, not only for visitors but also for the sake of dolphins. Dolphins, as often wrongly confused with a fish, during the show to prove that they are not only intelligent mammals, but also versatile talented artists! They dance, sing, paint … play great fun at the sameRead more ›


Sharm el Sheikh - Aqua Park

World Water entertainment, a variety of water slides, pools, large and small, waterfalls and massage is a place where you can spend an enjoyable day full of fun and surprises. The complex has more than 20 facilities, including 9 swimming pools equipped with 32 water slides, heated swimming pools, swimming pools and children’s pools. MostRead more ›

Scuba Diving

Sharm el Sheikh - Nurkowanie

This is the most popular attraction on the coast of the Red Sea. Under the supervision of diving instructor will be able to immerse themselves in the 5-6 feet deep and no diving course underwater coral gardens view. In memory can order a video or photos from your feat. During the trip three stops, possibleRead more ›

Tiran Island

Sharm el Sheikh - Wyspa Tiran

Expedition ship in the vicinity of the international military base near Sharm El Sheikh, which was established on the largest island on the southern tip of the frontier deep and cold waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Suez Canal and shallow streams. Watching the underwater treasures of the Red Sea: coral reef, aRead more ›

Ras Mohamed National Park

Sharm el Sheikh - Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed National Park is a place where you can see the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Coral reef, built by more than 150 species of coral and thousands of fantastically colored fish. We offer boat trips with the possibility of descent into the water to see the beauty of theRead more ›

Super Safari

Sharm el Sheikh - Super Safari

Super safari is an opportunity to learn in one day the most famous attractions of the Sinai Peninsula. History, nature, fun, Bedouins – all in one trip. The safari begins with a ride at sunrise over the mountains of Sinai, then a visit to the Monastery of St.. Catherine. Here you will find: The burningRead more ›


Sharm el Sheikh - Kolorowy kanion

It is the work of nature, hollow once the river. Length of the gorge is about. 5 km, width from 2 m to 10 m Sometimes we meet here medicinal plants. The expedition begins around 7:00 from jeep safaris through the desert, then descend into the gorge between the mountains and go through the canyon.Read more ›

Quad safari

Sharm el Sheikh - Quad safari

Quad Safari is an incredible adventure for all. Breathtaking views of the desert and górSynaju and the possibility of communing with unspoilt nature, away from civilization, are worthwhile. The tour program provides for a visit to the Bedouin village and stops, during which participants can take a unique souvenir photo. We offer both quads andRead more ›

Abu Galum – SAFARI

Sharm el Sheikh - Abu Galum

Full day tour, during which you can combine sightseeing – desert, coral reefs and oases. Departure in the morning, passing through the Valley of Mandar, then stop at a Bedouin tent and time to enjoy a Bedouin tea aroma. An exciting journey through the only white sandy desert of Sinai. Another point of the expeditionRead more ›

Jerusalem and Bethlehem and the Dead Sea


Departure from Sharm El Sheikh early morning approximately 04:30 am. Transfer to Taba (Egypt-Israel border) about 3.5 h and cross the border in Taba-Eilat (change of bus in Israel. Journey to Jerusalem – Way of the Cross until the transition to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and the Wailing Wall. Transfer to the MountRead more ›

Petra in Jordan

Sharm el Sheikh---Perta-w-Jordanii

Petra is now a ruined city of the Nabataeans, located in the south-west Jordan. It is located in a rocky valley, which leads one narrow road among the rocks gorge As-Sik. Petra is famous for its buildings carved into the rocks. In ancient times, during the period from the third century BC to the firstRead more ›

Moses Mountain and St. Catherine Monastery

Sharm el Sheikh - Góra Mojżesza i Klasztor św. Katarzyny

Mountain of Moses, is also called Mount Sinai. This place is traditionally identified with the biblical Mount Horeb where, according to the Old Testament, Moses received from God the stone tablets of the testimony, and made a covenant with God. However, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest Christian monasteries existing today. Located in a narrowRead more ›

Cairo by plane

Sharm el Sheikh - Kair samolotem

Przejazd na lotnisko w Sharm el Sheikh około godz. 6 rano. Przylot do Kairu. Zwiedzanie Narodowego Muzeum Egipskiego. Dla chętnych rejs po Nilu (płatny na łodzi 8$), lunch (napoje dodatkowo płatne). Przejazd do Gizy: punkt widokowy, piramidy, Wielki Sfinks (możliwość wejścia do piramidy Chefrena, płatne na miejscu ok. 10$), czas na zakupy, opcjonalnie: wizyta naRead more ›

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