Sharm El Sheikh - a cosmopolitan, picturesque resort

Sharm El Sheikh is considered to be among the most charming picturesque ‎destinations, with its majestic mountains, luxurious beaches and beautiful clear water. It is located at the southernmost section of ‎Sinai, around 500 kilometres away from Cairo, and positioned ‎in the place where the Suez Gulf and the Aqaba Gulf meet together with the Red Sea ‎to the South. ‎ Surrounded by a circle of desert mountains and hills, Sharm El Sheikh is protected ‎from the strong winds that come from the northern section of Sinai.
Today, Sharm El Sheikh has the best world class hotels, resorts, facilities, and ‎services making a holiday in the city quite a marvelous experience without as much walking to get there. There are ‎numerous diving centres offering all sorts of tours and ‎diving lessons for all levels and all ages. ‎
One of the focal points of Sharm El Sheikh is that there are a large number of restaurants, internationally popular ‎bars, discos, shops, cafes, and all sorts of entertainment facilities making it a ‎wonderful spot for tourists of all ages. It is a cosmopolitan city, with a European atmosphere alongside the Egyptian styling.
However, the most charming feature of Sharm El Sheikh ‎is its wonderful beaches. The sea is transparent and full of underwater ‎treasures and the sandy beaches are relaxing. There are numerous activities to do ‎during the day like snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, boat trips or ‎even just chilling on the beach and enjoying some sun.
The coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh with their stunning colours and shapes are not seen anywhere else in the world. This is why divers from all regions visit Sharm El ‎Sheikh to enjoy admiring the magnificent undersea scenes . ‎
Among the best places to do some shopping, and go for a wonderful night out in Sharm El Sheikh is the famous Naama Bay, the first section of Sharm El ‎Sheikh to be established and the most popular area. ‎
The main touristic attractions in Sharm El Sheikh are located in Naama Bay. The "Naama" means "pleasant" in Hebrew, and this is the best ‎description to give for Naama Bay, because it is a wonderfully pleasant place to be! ‎