Marsa Alam - home to amazing beaches and sea life

Marsa Alam is an upcoming resort on Egypt's southern Red Sea Riviera. Its name comes from a small coastal town which only twenty years ago was still a tiny fishing village. There is an international airport, which is located 60 kilometers north of the city bringing tourist from all around the world.
Marsa Alam is home to a legendary and diverse sea life. Dugong sea cows, sea turtles and dolphins are the most popular attractions but there are hundreds of fascinating fish species that can easily be encountered by snorkellers while offshore reefs with larger marine life, attract more adventurous divers.
You also have almost guaranteed sunshine on your hotel beach with a year round, dry warm climate which does not suffer the same extremes of temperature as inland cities. Marsa Alam is popular with families as it is quite remote. The resort is based around hotels with very little to do outside. There are many four or five star hotels with lots of entertainment throughout the day and night for the whole family.
The Port Ghalib Marina at Marsa Alam has added a bit of exclusivity to the area, with its luxurious hotels, resorts and berthing space for about 1000 yachts. The marina offers some of the best relaxation and entertainment options in the region, including gourmet restaurants and spas.
Marsa Alam is located in south eastern Egypt, a three hour drive south from the city of Hurghada and is well known for it’s sandy beaches. Day trips to Abu Dabbab or Sharm El Luli can be arranged, where you can sit on the beautiful white sand or enjoy great snorkelling just off the shoreline.
There are two nature reserves in the region - theWadi El Gamal National Park with its bedouin culture, mountain goats and ancient Roman emerald mine as well as Gebel Elba, further to the south famed for its acacia trees, deer and rumoured to harbour Egypt's last surviving leopards. Unfortunately, Gebel Elba is only occasionally accessible to tourists with the correct permits.