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Luxor in one day by coach

1 day
5 places
age 10+
availability 40
100% safety


You will experience breathtaking monuments, the power of ancient legends, luxury and the hot sands. In a nutshell, this is how you can describe the visit to Luxor. It may not be the capital of Egypt but it is berry much its historical heart.

Attractive tour programme!

The departure from Marsa Aalm will be at approx. 4.00 am. The journey to Luxor will take around 4,5 hours. You will travel with an English speaking tour guide on the way to Luxor as well as during your sightseeing. The first monuments you will visit are the Colossi of Memnon before visiting the amazing Valley of the Kings, where you visit three tombs. If you want to visit Tutanhamun’s tomb you can do this for an additional 250 le. Next there is a visit to an alabaster factory, we then go to Queen Hatsheput’s Temple. We cross the Nile by motorboat and have lunch (drinks, extra cost). One of the tour’s highlights is visiting the temple of Karnak. Karnak’s Great Temple of Amun is the largest religious building in Egypt. The temple was built over centuries, by not one pharaoh but by many of them. The complex used to be the temple of Amun, and more temples were built around it to honour other gods. The entire area is over 100 acres. The Hypostyle Hall is a magnificent structure, which could fit inside St. Peter’s basilica in Rome and St. Paul’s cathedral in London. This is the place where the ceremony of the coronation was performed. The return time to Hurghada is scheduled at approx. 10.30 pm.

Please note that the order of visiting sights could be changed.

Why this trip?

  • You will see the legendary tombs of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings
  • You will admire the beauty of the majestic Hatshepsut Temple
  • You can stroll around the magnificent complex of Karnak temple
  • You will stand next to 18 metre high statues depicting the pharaoh Amenhotep III
  • You will visit an exotic banana island

What is included

Return journey from Marsa Alam with an air-conditioned vehicle (coach, coaster or minibus), an English-speaking guide, lunch, entry tickets to the monuments.


The entrance to the famous tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings is additionally payable. Fee 200le per person. Payment only in the currency of Egypt. Drinks are extra charge.

Pre-trip info


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An optional trip to the banana island, where you can see a banana plantation - $ 12 per person. Payments with the guide in Luxor.

110 USD
per person
55 USD
for a child up to 12 years old
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