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A private trip to Dendera and Abydos

1 day
2 places
age 10+
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Do you love of the history of ancient Egypt? Have you already visited Luxor and Cairo? Do you dream of seeing interesting places away from the crowds of tourists?
If so - we have something special just for you!
A private trip to Dendera and Abydos with an English-speaking guide is a unique opportunity to visit two magnificent temples: the goddess Hathor and the temple of the god Osiris.

The Dendera temple is a beautiful example of a temple from the Greco-Roman period. It is built mainly of sandstone and has survived the years relatively intact as it was covered with sand until the mid-nineteenth century, when it was discovered by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette. The walls of the temple are decorated with the names of the important pharaohs from the Old Kingdom up to the rule of Shabaka from the twenty-first dynasty, when its defensive walls were rebuilt. Nektanebo, the last Egyptian pharaoh, constructed the so-called birth house there, one of the earliest known of its type.

In its present form, the temple is largely a work of Ptolemies and Romans, its reconstruction was started under the rule of later Ptolemies and completed about 185 years later under the rule of the Roman emperor Tiberius. Devoted to the temple of Hathor, the goddess of joy, female love and motherhood, the Ptolemaic honored one of the most popular gods of Egypt. The temple was also known as a place of healing.

You will be transferred from the hotel at approx. 5am to Dendera (about 4 hours). Walk through the ruins of the Hathor Temple, who was imagined as a woman with the head of a cow. Her images appear on each of the columns. At the temple in Dendra, Hathor has a woman's head, but the ears of a cow. The whole temple is surrounded by a wall and was shaped like a pylon, slightly narrowed at the top. The building is decorated with six huge columns with Hotoric heads, which support an eight-metre cornice with a winged solar disk. Curtain walls between the columns of the facade were erected behind Tiberius. They are covered with reliefs with Roman emperors.

You will then have lunch at a local restaurant, drinks additionally payable and then will travel to Abydos (about 1h) the place of worship of the god Osiris. Visiting the ruins of the temple from the time of Seti I and Ramses II. The unconventional arrangement is an exception to this building. Instead of one, as is tradition, there are as many as seven chapels dedicated to the gods: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amon, Ptah, Re-Horachte and Pharaoh Seti I. The next difference is the list of kings from Abydos in the back chapel of Ptah's hall. In the vestibule of the Royal Gallery, Seti I was presented, receiving homage from his 76 predecessors listed chronologically by name. A valuable treasure is ozyreon discovered in 1903. This building is made of granite blocks and contains expressive reliefs that are considered pearls of Egyptian art.

This temple has a great secret, the famous helicopter from Abydos. You will find it on one of the photos in the gallery of the trip. A sharp observer will also spot a tank and a gun. Proponents of myths say that this is the technique that Osiris possessed. Archaeologists and Egyptologists are talking about hieroglyphs imposed on themselves.

Return to Hurghada around 10pm.

Why this trip?

  • You will visit the Dendera Temple - one of the best preserved temples in all of Egypt. It has chapels and shrines from pharaohs, Romans and early Egyptian Christians.
  • At Abydos you will see the famous plaque - a list of rulers of ancient Egypt in the form of a relief placed on the wall of the temple, which is an invaluable source of information about the rulers of Egypt.
  • Both temples will make a huge impression on you. Due to the fact that they are away from tourist routes, they are underestimated, but easily compete with the best temples in Luxor or Aswan.

What is included

Return journey from Hurghada with an air-conditioned vehicle (minibus, coaster or coach), an English-speaking guide, lunch (drinks are extra charge), entry tickets to the monuments.

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per person
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